Branded content communities exist to allow your audience a place to interact with you. These communities revolve and evolve around common themes that interest your customers -- outside of the normal buying process.

Watch the video above. A demo day with our good friends at SnapSure. Branded Content Studio partners with geniuses like SnapSure to create and build authentic content that lives and breaths authenticy for your brand.

Your potential customers will interact with your brand, if it's authentic. Authenticity is everything. Place an ad in this eco-system? No way, but place your audio content about your brand that can connect organically and you'll have people fall in love with you. Especially if you give them this app.

Branded Content Studio builds websites around this concept. Your products, services, content and community interaction. It's the meta-funnel. The things that people do before they jump into your CRM. We create your content then distribute it while providing a place for your community to come home to. It's the closed loop of content marketing. Use your marketing automation tools that you already use, use the CRM that you already use supercharged with our content and execution. Or, we'll help you selects, install, customize and integrate your new Marketing Automation and/or CRM.